Monday, August 11, 2014

Poetry: A Summer Spent With God

It was not the first time I was in God’s land
It was the first time though
I understood God’s creations
The flowers, the wind and the rains
The land, spores and grains
For the first time I had a talk
With God and its creations
For the first time, I looked differently to situations
I found that every movement, every person
Every bit, every minute
Has its purpose
Every word, every silence
And every smile
Has its purpose
A moment when nature talks to you
A moment when silence has meanings
A moment when nature become poetry
And each moment of life becomes soulful
I walked alone throughout different
Parts – hills, jungles, land, lakes and rivers
Some places were frightful but
It never felt like I was alone
Someone was always walking along
Someone all the time holding my hand
Someone always listening to my silence
Someone always talking to me
In Most soothing tone.
Whenever I got tired someone was there
To lend me a shoulder to keep my head
And have a sleep.
Whenever I got afraid someone was there
To hold my hand and press it lightly
And give me a relief.
Whenever I was missing something
Someone came from the back
And gave me a pat.
The sea waves had a new meaning
To understand
The butterflies had a new meaning
To fly
The flowers had a new meaning
To bloom
The nature had a new meaning
To zoom.
The wind had a purpose in its
Direction and speed
The waves of the sea had a purpose
In its force
The low tide and high tide
Presented a new meaning to life.
The depth of the sea is not in its
Measurement but
The amount of life treasure it allows
To grow.
The purpose of wind in its direction and speed
Is spreading the seeds of life from a space
Of life to lifeless so that
Every place becomes full of life.
I learnt how each component of nature
Lends its hand and helps in full blow
For all the purpose that has intensity
And gravity of meaning in its positivity.
How when a flower is at its full bloom
And its seed is ready to spread
The wind carries it in her lap and moves it
Somewhere far away where earth is
Seeking life.
How once the seed is thrown on the land,
The earth takes it inside her
To provide her all strength to grow
A seed into a newborn plant.
How once wind and earth has done its job
The rains take the charge
To let seed grab some of its water
Essential for its growth into a plant.
How sun and moon, day and night
Take their turn to complete the
Cycle of life and the lifecycle
Of a day!
The whole conversation with
God for the first time
Changes everything in me
And everything around me
That was the summer of my life
That was the summer of my life