Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry: Cowards We All

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Everyone staring at the girl walking across,
stranger but for everyone most beautiful
a stab, an attack on her by another vicious stranger
everyone pass by, turn eyes
stranger is stranger
spur of feelings overflown
the beauty goes overblown
momentous everything in life
eager to indulge in desires
fail to listen to conscious

Coward Me
Coward You
Cowards We All.

Friday, August 22, 2014

कविता: पुलिस

एक मर्द को नामर्द बनने में 
कुछ ज़्यादा वक़्त नहीं लगता है 
जितना बड़ा ओहदा 
उतनी गुना जी हुज़ूरी 

कुछ नेता लोग देश की दलाली में 
पूरी सरकारी मशीनरी को खोखला कर देते हैं 
खुद को तो गिराते ही हैं गर्त में 
पुलिस और फ़ौज के 
कद को भी छोटा कर देते हैं 
मजबूर कर के 

कभी किसी पुलिस वाले की 
मर्दानगी जाग गयी गलती से
तो जितने भी दलाल होंगे 
जो सरकार में रह कर देश बेच रहे हैं 
उनको रौंद डालेगा 
मद से चूर गज की तरह 
हमेशा के लिए 

इस देश को 
एक और आज़ादी का इंतज़ार है 
इस बार चोर बाहर से नहीं 
लेकिन भगत सिंह, आज़ाद, गांधी, सुभाष 
तो चाहिए ही 

क्या पुलिस में सभी कमज़ोर होते हैं 
या अंतर आत्मा नेताओं के हाथ 
सौंप देते हैं
कसम तो देश की सेवा की ही लेते हैं आज भी 
वर्दी मिलने पर 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

haiku: Life's Musings

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Let your silence gel into mine
Let the bird's chanting begin
Design the Soundtrack for your life!

Poetry: Ethnic Home And My Ethnicity

To get a presence of ethnicity
in me, my life and to make my home
I decided to land on to a new mall on internet
to get something unique, state of the art and soul touching

First item that drew my attention 
was none other than a simply wow flicker
A Wonder Arts Ethenic Pillar Wall Sticker
My mind said that this is something wonderful

It is always good to connect your civilization
background, society, culture, origin to your life
It is always good to have somethings at home
to keep your culture and origin visible and alive

Being cultural and traditional keeps you intact
Having something to display at home the same
keeps life away from superfluous
making it natural, aesthetic and a point to attract

The next in the call was something that hits
the mind, heart and soul
It was out of a large number of items 
to find something that meets my goal
Nothing was far but it seemed
I have to be careful in putting on my hands
on the next item with full emotional control

Well, it is said that there is a deep connect
between culture, God, nature and arts
The whole humanity on this earth
is nothing but a superpower in parts
So what else, other than God's presence
a creation of the nature right from the start

Deciding to go for Lord;s blessings
Karigaari Jali Ashtavinayak Ganesha Wall Hanging
right at the entrance point, on my door
so that it showers love, faith and a deep bonding
with everyone who comes or who is going

And no finally it had to be something special
as the call was for the third and last item
I had to decide on something very near to heart
to culture and to art
So it had to be something artistic piece of work
which was nothing but the
Aapno Rajashtan Peacock Wall Mount With Hand Painted Work

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Monday, August 18, 2014

haiku: Id ego and superego

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last day there was a fight among the three of us
me, my shadow and my reflection in the mirror
i told the other two - let us wait till dark...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Poetry: Smile

A blind painter painting
on the roadside
unaware of appreciations
from passerby


A deaf singer singing
in a local restaurant
for some earning
unaware what people say

A young girl at orphanage
unaware of the cool breeze
that a mother brings in life
a solid stand that a father
could give

Why wait and count
for the smiles given in the past
why not 
pat on the shoulder of blind painter
go and hug the deaf singer
give a gift to the young girl 
and play with her for a while
and keep accumulating smiles

A never ending
recurring account of smiles

Friday, August 15, 2014

haiku: Mother India

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dot at midnight she shook me by shoulders and asked
why even at 67 do i fear walking alone on the road
why the country's thinking has not gone broad
why knowledge of 67 years has not turned into wisdom
why we still look at others to learn while knowing every solution
why not wake up now and wash up every dirt forever!
what do i say with my heart and mind shaken...

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Poetry: A Summer Spent With God

It was not the first time I was in God’s land
It was the first time though
I understood God’s creations
The flowers, the wind and the rains
The land, spores and grains
For the first time I had a talk
With God and its creations
For the first time, I looked differently to situations
I found that every movement, every person
Every bit, every minute
Has its purpose
Every word, every silence
And every smile
Has its purpose
A moment when nature talks to you
A moment when silence has meanings
A moment when nature become poetry
And each moment of life becomes soulful
I walked alone throughout different
Parts – hills, jungles, land, lakes and rivers
Some places were frightful but
It never felt like I was alone
Someone was always walking along
Someone all the time holding my hand
Someone always listening to my silence
Someone always talking to me
In Most soothing tone.
Whenever I got tired someone was there
To lend me a shoulder to keep my head
And have a sleep.
Whenever I got afraid someone was there
To hold my hand and press it lightly
And give me a relief.
Whenever I was missing something
Someone came from the back
And gave me a pat.
The sea waves had a new meaning
To understand
The butterflies had a new meaning
To fly
The flowers had a new meaning
To bloom
The nature had a new meaning
To zoom.
The wind had a purpose in its
Direction and speed
The waves of the sea had a purpose
In its force
The low tide and high tide
Presented a new meaning to life.
The depth of the sea is not in its
Measurement but
The amount of life treasure it allows
To grow.
The purpose of wind in its direction and speed
Is spreading the seeds of life from a space
Of life to lifeless so that
Every place becomes full of life.
I learnt how each component of nature
Lends its hand and helps in full blow
For all the purpose that has intensity
And gravity of meaning in its positivity.
How when a flower is at its full bloom
And its seed is ready to spread
The wind carries it in her lap and moves it
Somewhere far away where earth is
Seeking life.
How once the seed is thrown on the land,
The earth takes it inside her
To provide her all strength to grow
A seed into a newborn plant.
How once wind and earth has done its job
The rains take the charge
To let seed grab some of its water
Essential for its growth into a plant.
How sun and moon, day and night
Take their turn to complete the
Cycle of life and the lifecycle
Of a day!
The whole conversation with
God for the first time
Changes everything in me
And everything around me
That was the summer of my life
That was the summer of my life

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Poetry: Life: First Meeting With A Stranger

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First time, I met the life
when the day was about to end
The sun was going to sleep 
The moon was rising
and there she was
sitting alone on a corner table
Silent, lost and thoughtful.
The moment I entered, and saw her
It was like a magnet pulling me towards her
and I started walking towards her,
reached her and asked 
Can I look into my eyes?
My first meeting with Life!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Poetry: Dad – Can I Marry Her: Long Conversation – Dad And Son

Hi Dad! I have something to discuss with you
if you have time?
Sure Buddy! Go ahead!

I don’t know who she is
And what is her name
Same is with her for me
I don't know what religion
She belongs to, or
What is her Mother tongue
Whether she will be able to understand me
Or not
As we have never talked to each other.

But one thing I am sure of is
The first time I faced her on the road
When she was coming in my direction
And I was walking towards her
The moment we looked into each other’s eyes
I got a message from God
That we are not meant for walking against each other
But together

I know it might appear quite premature to you
And quite kiddish
But I am serious.
Still it is too early to get a big jerk
So I can move back and close it forever
If you say so.
As if I move ahead
The distance and time will take least
To fill the gap between the two of us

But one thing we need to be clear of
Before I do that
She is just she and I am your son
If I have got the God’s signal right
And if I have grown rightly under your shadow
Then whatever is her religion, language and background
She will be as acceptable to you as me
Nothing less nothing beyond.

Then whatever is the length of time we all are destined
To live together
We will never move back, ever!

If religion, caste and standards define the life
Then probably God’s message for all would not have been same
All religions talk the same
It is us that we sometimes interpret it in our own way
Depending on the level of selfishness we want to delve into.
I am nobody to decide whether you are right or wrong
I just am meant to guide you, mentor you and love you
You move ahead and take your own call
As neither you nor me know as of now
If you will be successful or fail
But still go ahead
And decide your fate on your own
Where you don’t repent on not taking first step
Towards what you want to do!
And promise not to repent

If you do not succeed!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

5 Things to Work On In Life: Change: Better Self Induced Than Imposed and Forced

Change is inevitable. Change is always encountered with resistance. Resistance to change is natural but there are certain bodies and souls that have always advocated and adopted change as a regular theme of their life. People who adopt change quickly are always admired and well accepted as leaders. Few things that I would like to change in all countrymen for the country are:

Easy Acceptability/ Adaptability/ Fear Factor: Not for good but bad things really spoils a life. Each incident impacts so much on a person's mind that it gets imprinted for lifetime thereby changing the personality altogether. For instance child abuse - if a child gets abused, even if the mind does not accepts it, there is a fear factor implanted in the heart that the things remain subdued and then never get disclosed. Such instances are really really harmful for individual/ society and country.

Peeing on the roadside: I never got to understand why men pee feel intense peeing urge while on the road while women have never or rarely been seen. Probably such things give a proud factor (though a total false one!) to makes feel a small centipede in life as a lion for that instance. The same guys howsoever uneducated or belonging to whatsoever kind of family, get straight, when visit any other country. How?

Gutkas, Beedis and Cigs: Societies determined to progress on their own do not need whistle blowers, policing and controlling agencies. Do we really need all kind of gimmicks and political circus to tackle to this situation? Do we all not know how harmful the stuff is for life and one life is just not a singular entity. The harm and loss becomes a family and society affair. Self maturity is important in this aspect.

Chauvinism: Females are not far behind the males. Chauvinism is not only limited to men these days. Must be controlled by individuals and societies. Not paying any attention is the best way to get it killed to its natural death.

Copism: There is a big confusion in the mind of majority of men in my country belonging to various streams of society and life. A traffic policeman for instance becomes a gutless and tail-less lion on the roads when in uniform. The focus is never on improving the traffic sense and traffic condition on the roads of country but the complete attention is the amount that he is going to bargain in the deal and that is going to be the part of his pocket. A public beating is not a bad idea for these cops to teach them their basic things of duty. Basically it is a forced begging system that is running for years.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Poetry: Promises Are Meant To Be Broken

First night after wedding
Fifth time when you told me
That I have given my words to you
for I will always love you
By then, I was almost half asleep,
just said - "promises are meant to me broken!"
though not on a serious note
and slept.

First morning after first night
I woke up
Your red swollen eyes
And unstoppable tears
Still running in full blow
Was painful to absorb.

What had happened had happened
And it rained that night
The whole night
Just 6 words had burst the skies

While I was asleep.

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