Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry: Cowards We All

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Everyone staring at the girl walking across,
stranger but for everyone most beautiful
a stab, an attack on her by another vicious stranger
everyone pass by, turn eyes
stranger is stranger
spur of feelings overflown
the beauty goes overblown
momentous everything in life
eager to indulge in desires
fail to listen to conscious

Coward Me
Coward You
Cowards We All.


  1. It has become a world of vile cowards.

  2. Yes there is a Coward Me, Coward You, Cowards We All. We fail to stand up for a stranger, however that stranger looks hepless and in need! We fail to stand against wrongs because a stranger is a stranger... (Such an apt saying)

    1. And somehow at some point of time we need to realize the wrong in us to start doing the right.