Sunday, August 3, 2014

5 Things to Work On In Life: Change: Better Self Induced Than Imposed and Forced

Change is inevitable. Change is always encountered with resistance. Resistance to change is natural but there are certain bodies and souls that have always advocated and adopted change as a regular theme of their life. People who adopt change quickly are always admired and well accepted as leaders. Few things that I would like to change in all countrymen for the country are:

Easy Acceptability/ Adaptability/ Fear Factor: Not for good but bad things really spoils a life. Each incident impacts so much on a person's mind that it gets imprinted for lifetime thereby changing the personality altogether. For instance child abuse - if a child gets abused, even if the mind does not accepts it, there is a fear factor implanted in the heart that the things remain subdued and then never get disclosed. Such instances are really really harmful for individual/ society and country.

Peeing on the roadside: I never got to understand why men pee feel intense peeing urge while on the road while women have never or rarely been seen. Probably such things give a proud factor (though a total false one!) to makes feel a small centipede in life as a lion for that instance. The same guys howsoever uneducated or belonging to whatsoever kind of family, get straight, when visit any other country. How?

Gutkas, Beedis and Cigs: Societies determined to progress on their own do not need whistle blowers, policing and controlling agencies. Do we really need all kind of gimmicks and political circus to tackle to this situation? Do we all not know how harmful the stuff is for life and one life is just not a singular entity. The harm and loss becomes a family and society affair. Self maturity is important in this aspect.

Chauvinism: Females are not far behind the males. Chauvinism is not only limited to men these days. Must be controlled by individuals and societies. Not paying any attention is the best way to get it killed to its natural death.

Copism: There is a big confusion in the mind of majority of men in my country belonging to various streams of society and life. A traffic policeman for instance becomes a gutless and tail-less lion on the roads when in uniform. The focus is never on improving the traffic sense and traffic condition on the roads of country but the complete attention is the amount that he is going to bargain in the deal and that is going to be the part of his pocket. A public beating is not a bad idea for these cops to teach them their basic things of duty. Basically it is a forced begging system that is running for years.


  1. Totally relevant points here.
    Hope we get over these bad habits...

  2. Change is always encountered with resistance
    nice post
    keep posting :)

  3. An Apt post, Can't help to agree more

  4. will that morning ever come when such bad things don't exits in India

    My IndiSpire post Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai

  5. Change has to be a mixture of Self Induced and Imposed/Forced. For example, smoking in public places came down drastically when the law was enacted simply because "No Smoking" was imposed in restaurants, hotels, offices, etc.. However, it continued on the roads. Whenever non-smokers started objecting politely, but firmly to anybody smoking on the roads, the smokers generally stopped smoking there. Education about the bad effects of smoking resulted in many/some smokers giving up or reducing smoking.