Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Poetry: Ethnic Home And My Ethnicity

To get a presence of ethnicity
in me, my life and to make my home
I decided to land on to a new mall on internet
to get something unique, state of the art and soul touching

First item that drew my attention 
was none other than a simply wow flicker
A Wonder Arts Ethenic Pillar Wall Sticker
My mind said that this is something wonderful

It is always good to connect your civilization
background, society, culture, origin to your life
It is always good to have somethings at home
to keep your culture and origin visible and alive

Being cultural and traditional keeps you intact
Having something to display at home the same
keeps life away from superfluous
making it natural, aesthetic and a point to attract

The next in the call was something that hits
the mind, heart and soul
It was out of a large number of items 
to find something that meets my goal
Nothing was far but it seemed
I have to be careful in putting on my hands
on the next item with full emotional control

Well, it is said that there is a deep connect
between culture, God, nature and arts
The whole humanity on this earth
is nothing but a superpower in parts
So what else, other than God's presence
a creation of the nature right from the start

Deciding to go for Lord;s blessings
Karigaari Jali Ashtavinayak Ganesha Wall Hanging
right at the entrance point, on my door
so that it showers love, faith and a deep bonding
with everyone who comes or who is going

And no finally it had to be something special
as the call was for the third and last item
I had to decide on something very near to heart
to culture and to art
So it had to be something artistic piece of work
which was nothing but the
Aapno Rajashtan Peacock Wall Mount With Hand Painted Work

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