Friday, August 8, 2014

Poetry: Dad – Can I Marry Her: Long Conversation – Dad And Son

Hi Dad! I have something to discuss with you
if you have time?
Sure Buddy! Go ahead!

I don’t know who she is
And what is her name
Same is with her for me
I don't know what religion
She belongs to, or
What is her Mother tongue
Whether she will be able to understand me
Or not
As we have never talked to each other.

But one thing I am sure of is
The first time I faced her on the road
When she was coming in my direction
And I was walking towards her
The moment we looked into each other’s eyes
I got a message from God
That we are not meant for walking against each other
But together

I know it might appear quite premature to you
And quite kiddish
But I am serious.
Still it is too early to get a big jerk
So I can move back and close it forever
If you say so.
As if I move ahead
The distance and time will take least
To fill the gap between the two of us

But one thing we need to be clear of
Before I do that
She is just she and I am your son
If I have got the God’s signal right
And if I have grown rightly under your shadow
Then whatever is her religion, language and background
She will be as acceptable to you as me
Nothing less nothing beyond.

Then whatever is the length of time we all are destined
To live together
We will never move back, ever!

If religion, caste and standards define the life
Then probably God’s message for all would not have been same
All religions talk the same
It is us that we sometimes interpret it in our own way
Depending on the level of selfishness we want to delve into.
I am nobody to decide whether you are right or wrong
I just am meant to guide you, mentor you and love you
You move ahead and take your own call
As neither you nor me know as of now
If you will be successful or fail
But still go ahead
And decide your fate on your own
Where you don’t repent on not taking first step
Towards what you want to do!
And promise not to repent

If you do not succeed!!


  1. wow what an awesome take on the subject !

  2. A poem is always soul soothing...wonderful lines

  3. Beautiful, this simple conversation has depth in it.

  4. Wow. AN enthralling post indeed :) Simply loved it... Is it real ? :D Did it really happened. I wish it did :) Take care !

    1. Thanks Tanya! It did happen, some time, somewhere...

    2. Ohh then that's a commendable reply :) I didn't understand the comment on my blog ?? U did that in Bengali ek ta chalo...hehe sorry for being so dumb :( :(

  5. You have written it so well, but here few people are born with this generosity of mind. Wish to have more of such dads!!

  6. Lovely !....time for openness I believe :)

  7. true all religions talk the same, issue dealt beautifully with this conversation

    Hindi Hain Hum