Sunday, July 13, 2014

Short Story: What Made Me Get Selected For My New Job

It was a good decision to go out and buy some Home and Car Fragrances. Peak summer season, 2 hours of journey next morning in scorching heat and reaching to my destination was a tough task. Reaching there in time, in a good condition was very important. It was my interview for a new job. Fitting a new Aer Click Gel in my car for continuous fragrance and keeping me fresh was important.

Got ready well in time and started for my destination by 9 am as I had to reach there by 11.30 for the interview. Just a simple click on and the fresh lush green fragrance started pouring in along with the fresh air coming through my car air conditioner. Reached there well before time (by 11 AM) with not even an iota of my freshness lost though a longer driver usually impacts on your face, walk and talk.

As soon as I entered the reception area, I got a feeling that this place is for me. Because it was the same fragrance in the area around of petal crush pink, misty mornings, that I was using regularly at home, as room fragrant. The same kind of fragrance was all around, wherever I went - to meet the prospect boss for a lengthy interview, to canteen for lunch, and to sit with HR head for final negotiations.

It was same freshness all around and thus made be get through. Thanks to the great smart fragrances that kept me naturally alert and smart. 

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