Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poetry: Ten Things I Must Do Before I Die

One thing is for sure
that whosoever has come
has to go
But before I go
I have a wishlist to show.

First and foremost
I would like to climb Himalayas
when I am Eighty
To make a record
that is mighty.

Second in my list is a 
World Tour
to visit every place
good and bad
to meet every one
rich and poor.

Third in the list
is a personal meet
with a terrorist
to shake his mind 
and soul and 
turn back into a humane.

Fourth thing in my list
is to finish all the books
that are unread so far
and read again those
that I loved to read
in first go!

Fifth is to spend a
full moon night
in a vast desert
with my better half.

Sixth in the list is
to write so much 
that every search on any keyword
brings my name
on the first page of the list.

Seventh - to revisit all the people
who came into my life
at certain moment
and accepted to be my
guide, mentor, coach or teacher.

Eighth in the list is
to meet top politicians 
of past and present
and ask what right they had
to play with the respect of 
my country.

Ninth wish is to see the whole country
every village, city and citizen
happy and mindful
rich with knowledge 

Tenth wish is to ensure
that all above nine wishes
are adhered to
and none remain


  1. wow..only I am wondering why you chose a desert to be alone...

  2. Thats a great list Jaideep. I really hope that you can fulfil each of these wish.

  3. should I call it a song of life or a poem of soul:)Loved the wishes. Adored the way you expressed it.

  4. .. Its worth living your life for what you want rather than to be a common man.... Who is just a perpetual machine...

  5. Well constructed wishlist. Wishing all the best!

  6. Loved it! very Well Expressed...
    And here's My Wish,
    All you wishes are Fulfilled!Amen