Saturday, October 18, 2014

Poetry: The winter is coming:Two Soldiers On Each Side Of The Border

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"The winter is coming... 
Don't forget to get an extra supply
of Rum and sharing with us
like we did last year
and a year before that", - 
said the soldier on that side of the border.
"Alright", nodded the soldier
on this side of the border.

"The winter is coming...
and so are the elections", - 
said the local political leader
to the huge gathering.
"I promise to fulfill all your dreams
in next five years, if you 
vote me this time too!
The same way I have done
for these five years".
"What rubbish!" someone
in the crowd said.

"The winter is coming..."
conversed two siblings.
"The coziness, the fireplace,
new warm clothes, hot food
and a lot more."

"The winter is coming...
This might be my last year
as my bones have 
and my all clothes
are badly torn!"
said an old beggar
to his young partner.

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  1. Such a nice poem. Just loved it. And the most emotional part is of the beggar....Thank u for the share.