Saturday, November 22, 2014

Select The Right Stream And College By Getting Complete Information on CollegeDunia

In education, career and life building, all does not go by what heart says. If heart is saying wrong in lack of proper information and data, logically with the help of right information and data, it can come back to right decision. For any information related to education - be it exams for entrance or admissions, college rating, facilities, courses, fee etc.; CollegeDunia is the right place to bank upon.

There are over 800 colleges listed currently with the count increasing everyday as the database gets updated with more information. These 800+ colleges are offering over 1600 courses. When you have a doubt or need o vet some information you are already carrying, or need a fresh lot of information; about college, course, fee, location etc,, this portal will guide you properly. For instance you want to know about colleges offering education in Arts then you would definitely want to know what courses, in what streams, where all (locations) and what type or mode (like full time, part time, distance learning or on-campus). This is the primary filtering available on the portal.

For instance, when you click on full time MA option, you get 318 colleges listed along with their rating, affiliations (if any), in what all subjects. On the top of this list it is St. Stephen's College with 9.9 rating, affiliated to Delhi University, and the top courses offered are MA in English and MA in Economics. 

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