Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 Lines Story: When Deep Sea Blue Green Eyes Met With Volcanic Fire Black Eyes

Her eyes met with his for the first time in a wedding party and for the first time she felt her deep sea blue green eyes were melting down with the direct heat of his volcanic fire black eyes.

She avoided it till the end of party to start any conversation with her, neither did he tried for any initiatives from his end; though the fire kept meeting with the water whenever their eyes met.

But fate had something else for them for the day for the tall and calm girl; and a little taller, handsome and muscular boy who by now had understood that he is there to attend the marriage of the girl here whose eyes had the power to calm down the fire in his mind, body and soul for the first time with anyone he had met so far.

Love and luck had to strike for the two as both felt something moving within them for the first time in their lives.

The groom's family informed bridegroom's family that the groom-to-be refused to come for the marriage at the last moment, and thus finally the eyes met, made a promise of life and the marriage held but with a new groom, making love as the final winner.

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